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The philosophy

Before being a company, Punto Alto is a project, a mission that unites the world of "luxury fashion" with sustainability, using natural fibers and

eco-sustainable, respecting the natural balance of animal, plant and mineral life.


Punto Alto has taken the path that apparel producers will inevitably have to follow sooner or later: that of saving animals from suffering and avoiding the drying up of the territories.

Violent shearing of a sheep. (Australia)

In fact, unfortunately, in Australian sheep farms,

to speed up the times, violent methods of shearing are used to the detriment of the animals.

In China, on the other hand, to meet the growing demand for cashmere, the number of goats in the last 10 years has increased tenfold, which has resulted in the desertification of the pastures and the death of numerous head of cattle due to lack of food.

Not to mention the intensive breeding of fur animals, crocodiles, snakes that, for human vanity, are skinned alive for their skins and furs.

Anti desertification

Punto Alto aims to use innovative fibers, carefully avoiding cotton, the cultivation of which causes the planet to dry out and pollute.

The cotton staple needs a lot of water and continuous pesticide treatments to grow.

The land where it was planted cannot be cultivated for decades due to mineral depletion and excessive soil pollution caused by pesticides.

For the cultivation of this plant, over the decades,

the Soviets dried up the Aral Sea, causing the irreversible consequence of the drying up of the territory.

Desertification of the Aral Sea

Punto Alto is always looking for new revolutionary, cruelty-free and eco-sustainable fibers to be included in its collections.

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