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T-Shirt Over

T-Shirt Over

SKU: S02
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The wide and square shape falls gently on the body shapes.

The wide neckline allows you to wear the garment slightly across the shoulder or to wear the Ribbed Tank Top or the Fabric Tank Top in contrast.


Color: Indigo
  • Size Guide

    To start you need a tape measure, flexible and plasticized, the measurements must be taken without tightening too much but not by loosening the tape excessively.

    CHEST : To get the correct measurement for the chest we place our measuring tape at the seams under the armpits and measure the distance between one arm and the other.

    LENGTH : to get the right length we place our measuring tape at the base of the neck and scroll to the end of the bust (or possibly the measurement provided) Attention: the length is measured on the front of the bust


    Size Chest cm Length cm

    XS. 51 cm || 62 cm

    S. 53 cm || 63 cm

    M. 55 cm || 64 cm

    L. 57 cm || 65 cm




  • Additional information

    The collection in Ortica Punto Alto is made exclusively with nettle and organic silk fabrics.

    From the Himalayan nettle an excellent strong and flexible yarn is obtained, resistant and breathable like linen, but at the same time bright and soft like silk.

    Organic silk is ethical, because breeders do not need to kill the chrysalis before it flies out of the cocoon, as happens with other types of silks, they wait for the butterfly to leave the cocoon to begin the process of making the silk filament. .

    All Punto Alto garments are 100% Made in Italy

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