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Punto Alto for the collections of its customers uses unique, precious, natural and
eco-sustainable yarns, embarking on a new fashion path.

We at Punto Alto care deeply about the health of our planet. This is why we offer ecological alternatives to the materials we use to create our customers' collections. We are proud to sell eco-friendly products. We believe that the changing is possible if we all take a stand and act consciously.

As proposals of eco-sustainable materials for the winter collections we have soft 100% recycled cashmere, and very warm Mongolian Yak fibers. The Yak is an ox that naturally loses its hair in spring and is therefore only brushed, the resulting fiber is not dyed, the colors vary from pure white to anthracite gray.



For the summer collections Punto Alto uses innovative fibers, avoiding when possible cotton, the cultivation of which causes drying up and pollution of the soil.


As a very particular fiber we have found nettle, a weed that does not need pesticides or important irrigation such as cotton, in fact it grows uncontrolled in the Himalayan forests above 2000 meters above sea level.


The fiber obtained from Nettle is smooth and shiny like silk, but at the same time resistant and fresh like linen.  

ortica copia_edited.jpg

Nettle plant

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